Creating Purely Nutritious, LLC

Purely Nutritious, LLC came into existence on January 1st of 2012, just 2 months after leaving my 9-5 job at the local Health Department.  I was 25 years old and scared to death.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I had the support of my husband, my parents, and most of my friends.  I was going to make it as an entrepreneur. 

I started out doing one on one nutrition consultations, was able to secure a bi-weekly spot on the local radio station with two amazing gentlemen to talk health and wellness, and even got a couple contracts to fulfill some requirements for facilities in need of an "as needed" dietitian. 

Fast forward 5 years later and I not only had lost my self in my business, but Purely Nutritious, LLC was no longer fulfilling the need that I set out for it to fulfill.  And thus, here we are today.

It has taken me 10 months to get this all up and going and I am no where near the finish line, but I am so much enjoying the ride.  When I decided to launch this website and really move Purely Nutritious, LLC forward - I knew I needed a legit logo.  And then I thought of my daddy!

You see, my daddy can draw anything, is sentimental, and understands a lot of the craziness that goes on in my mind.  I looked at a couple other logos, thought about what I wanted Purely Nutritious to be and how I wanted it to be recognized, and then we sat down and talked.  

I wanted you to see my logo and think "hmmm... I wonder what that is about.". I wanted to draw you in by your curiosity first and then introduce you to the Purely Nutritious way.  

A Purely Nutritious life is full, fun, big, and loud.  It is comprised of getting into your kitchen and creating meals for those you love as well as the sound of the buzzer on the dryer going off and your littlest taking a ride on your toes as you move about the house!  A Purely Nutritious life looks like a full schedule, early mornings and after school ball games.  It is a group of friends on the patio over a bottle of wine on a Friday night - while the kids are glued to the TV watching Frozen for the 100th time.  A Purely Nutritious life is not one dimensional, it is real and it is now!

To fit all of that into a logo was going to be tough - but I knew my daddy and I could do it.  So we went to the drawing board and came up with what you see now.  Yes, it is an onion!  Before you roll your eyes or laugh let me explain.

An onion is a nutritious food that adds a lot of flavor to any meal, it can make you cry when it is being cut and make you smile when it is perfectly caramelized.  It has many layers, as does life and its' outer most protection is paper thin - just as a mom feels when she has 1000 things to juggle.  You may notice that you can see both the root, the layers, and the flower of this onion - as we must realize that life is just the same.  We have to have strong, nourished roots in order to get the flower to blossom. 

When I look at this logo I see life, sacrifice, love, and wholeness.  I am beyond pleased with it and to make things even better - it was hand drawn by my daddy.  He even hid some messages into the design - you may notice the J in the layers which is for Jenkins - my last name, two of the leaves cross to symbolize the unity of my husband and I, and the other two leaves represent our amazing children! 

I cannot thank my daddy enough for this piece of artwork.  It is near and dear to me and my prayer is that now it will be to you as well!  I hope to bring you a little something nutritious with everything that I do here!  Thank you for joining me... now lets get started by creating your Purely Nutritious life.   

Devon JenkinsComment