How many Christmas trees do you have?

Oh My Gosh Y'all... I love Christmas!  I am that girl with the windows rolled down, driving down the road with Jingle Bells blaring from the speakers in JULY!  I am the annoying co-worker humming "Joy to the World" as I work throughout the day in SEPTEMBER.  And I could easily be confused as a "who" from "Whoville" come the November.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  It isn't the gifting and the wrapping that I love - but the smell of cinnamon in the air and the warmth of a fireplace while "It's a Wonderful Life" plays for the 5th time on the Hallmark Channel.  It's the hustle and bustle in the air everywhere you go.  But what I love the most - is the twinkling of Christmas lights on roof tops and windows but oh the Christmas tree!  I can sit at look at Christmas trees all decorated and glowing for hours.  I absolutely love it.  Thus I am asked every year... Just how many Christmas trees do you have?

Before I answer that questions though... let's talk some.  As a child Christmas was all about the gifts and what Santa would leave under the tree.  One year he even brought me the vacuum cleaner that I had asked for - smart parents!  As I got older, I grew to love the food of Christmas.  For years, I would turn the kitchen into my own little bakery.  I would cook about a dozen different types of cookies and treats and pack them all up into cute little boxes and give them out as gifts.  Now it is the Christmas lights and the snuggled in sleepy children and a hot cup of cocoa while I wrap presents that will make others smile! 

This year my son is really getting into Christmas and the gift aspect of it.  However, today on the way to school we talked about why we celebrate Christmas and he was able to walk me through the entire Gospel!  Amazing for a 4 year old and heart warming for a momma! 

I think Christmas changes for everyone as the grow.  Have you ever heard Faith Hill's song "Where are you Christmas"?  It talks about growing up and Christmas fading away then the realization that it is always in our hearts.  I absolutely love this song! 

OK, are you starting to wonder where I am going with this post?  My point is that Christmas is about so many things other than FOOD.  As the holiday season approaches each year, I see my clients begin to retreat within themselves because they are fearing the meals and treats.  Please don't get me wrong - i know the holidays are full of treats and sweets and a lot of food, but I also know that the pleasure of those treats, sweets, and food is over the moment you take the last bite.  And then the guilt and negativity come into play.  

Going into the Christmas season with a joy for something other than eating can be your saving grace.  So let's see what else we can focus on...

  • Volunteering at your local shelter to serve food
  • Sending Cards to Soldiers
  • Doing crafts with kiddos
  • Decorate your house or your neighbors
  • Read about the different Christmas traditions
  • Make ornaments as gifts
  • watch Christmas movies

There are so many things that can be the highlight of our Christmas season.  Let's vow to pick something non-food related and go into the Christmas season excited and enthusiastic about how great it will be.  Comment and share with me what your traditions are or what new traditions you are going to start.  I will be sharing all of my own Christmas to dos and recipes that I find and love - because we still have to eat and while it must be nutritious it also must be delicious!

Oh, and the answer is THREE... so far!  

May everyone have a Purely Nutritious Christmas!

Devon Jenkins