All the Things

Hey Ya'll!  Do you have days that you just look around and feel the weight of ALL THE THINGS crushing you?  I have felt like that for several days now and am trying to take a deep breath!  

Let me recap just real quick.  I started my 6th Whole30 on October 23rd... I know it wasn't the beginning of the month but I like to start on a random day so that I am not always aware of how many days in I am.  Any-who, I woke up on the morning of the 23rd to a DEAD fridge.  Oh my, holy cow, shut the front door - I was saying ALL THE THINGS in disbelief of this bad juju.  Thankfully, I always have a stash of pantry foods that are Whole30 compliant and was able to get through my first 2 meals unscathed.  The first Saturday on the Whole30 I had an all day training for Beautycounter in Nashville, TN.  Thank you to those who planned the meal and provided several Whole30 compliant foods along with an oil and vinegar option to their sauces and dressings. *Side note here, I did pack a couple RX Bars, a bag of raw cashews, and my water just in case I was without anything to eat.  Then it was Halloween.  I will just leave that where it is - hardest night ever because I LOVE any shaped Reese's cups.  Around the first of November our littlest one started learning how to stay up all night (#teethingissofun) and I have already attended 2 holiday parties with WINE and have "enjoyed" my La Croix.  

I know none of this is out of the ordinary for many of you!  So many are very talented at balancing ALL THE THINGS and having a clean house and a smiling face.  I love all of you that are, but that is so not me!  I literally planned and packed and printed off many things the other day to get ready for an event that I thought was the next day, only to find out that it isnt until December!  I mean really though, can I get an assistant?  

I am still staying strong with this Whole30 and actually have found a couple new recipes that we have really enjoyed; an apple glazed pork tenderloin with roasted garlic mashed potatoes - yum! But by geez it has been a real struggle this time.  

So - with all that said... who is ready to get started thinking about their New Year's Resolution?  I will be doing a GROUP Whole30 that will kick off January 1st.  Comment to let me know you are interested!  

More to come ya'll - Lets get your Purely Nutritious life planned!

Devon Jenkins