The Good in Good Morning

Are your mornings full of rushing, fussing, and even a little cussing?  Mine are too sometimes, but I have found a way to make those types of mornings far and few between.  While it is not always the easiest thing for me to do, I have found that waking up before everyone else does makes my day brighter, happier, and all around more enjoyable.  What could waking up just 30 minutes earlier do for you?

My day usually start with my alarm ringing on the other side of the room and I barely move a muscle, hoping that it will simply stop on its own.  I love my bed and I usually have a cuddle buddy in the form of a sweet little girl, so getting up early is extra hard most of the time.  But then i remember all that i can accomplish in those quite morning moments alone. Getting up is the hardest part for me - once i am up i feel as if the world is at my fingertips and i can accomplish it all!

About a year ago I read a little tip about setting your alarm on the other side of the room which means you have to get out of bed to turn it off!  This is ingenious and I really don't know why I didn't think of it on my own.  I use my phone as my alarm, so not only is my alarm on the other side of the room when I wake up, but also when I go to bed which cuts down on my screen time before going to sleep.  It is a double win!  Are you aware that screen time should be limited before bed?  The blue light that comes from TV, phones, and computer screens actually increase the stress hormone, cortisol, which then can have a negative impact on your sleep.  I know when I am feeling stressed it is so much harder to "turn my brain off".  

When and how i go to bed, greatly impacts when and how i wake up!  I have found that limiting my screen time before bed helps me fall asleep faster and allows my mind to drift off to sleep rather than run circles about how i can get my house looking like susie's picture she just posted.  

Another great thing that I LOVE to do before bed is to write out a little list of all the things that I DID get accomplished during the day.  I find that ending my day on a positive note really helps me let go of the day.  I used to write out my list of "to do's" for the next day, but I realized that doing that was turning my brain on and would lead to tossing and turning and thinking of all the pressure that the next day held.  You can always find a cute note book and pen to keep next to your bed to remind you to do this quick unwinding practice.

So you hear me saying let's get up early and here are some tips to doing that...but what are the benefits of getting up early? For me, the stillness of the morning is inspiring.  I so much enjoy the minutes before the sun begins to rise - it reminds me that darkness is always broken by the light.  And if I am in bed, I miss this miracle.  I also love being the first up, because then I get to see all of the sleepy eyes as my kiddos and hubby wake.  The first grin of the morning or the first "mama" that comes into the air.  I love the simplicity of this.  

From a productive view point, the morning's quiet time allows me to set up for the day.  I like to make myself some coffee, fluff the clothes in the dryer in preparation for folding, and put the dishes away that were washed during the night.  Thank you to the person who invented the dish washer!  These tasks seem simple, yet getting them done any other time of the day takes twice as long!  I also enjoy reading a couple verses from the Bible or maybe journaling for a bit.  In 2018 I am going to begin sending our handwritten notes to friends and family - my goal will be to incorporate one note into my morning routine.  Doing something to bring a smile to others can do amazing things for your own soul.

Science actually has found that "morning types" are have happier moods, are good problem solvers, and are more productive.  Check out this simple article I found that has some great resources listed.  I don't know about you, but I am much more inclined to do things that not only make me feel better, but are also backed by scientific research.  

Alright, you might be thinking that "all of this is great for you but will not work for me." Are you a snooze 5 times kind of person or maybe you love staying up late. I will tell you that not everyone is a morning person, not everyone can make it out of the bed at 4:30 or even 5:00AM - and that is okay.  But, if you want to see what your day could be like with a peaceful morning routine I encourage you to take a look at this list of tips and implement one or two TOMORROW.  There is no time like the present to make change happen.

  • Set your alarm for just 5 minutes earlier than you usually do.
  • More your alarm to the other side of the room
  • Set a glass of water by your bed and begin drinking it when your alarm goes off - this will be a great wake up to your body.
  • Jump out of bed with enthusiasm rather than crawling out lazily
  • Choose a breakfast that you are excited to eat and remind yourself of it when your alarm rings
  • Choose an alarm that is pleasant but still gets the job done (no need to be startled half to death first thing in the morning)
  • Do a couple stretches as you get out of bed to get your blood flowing - here is a great link to some Good morning yoga stretches

Okay so now it is on you!  Are you ready to start this new routine?  Maybe you are already a morning person but would love to add some purpose to your mornings in the form of journaling or writing a note to a loved one.  Either way, i believe this practice to be a great one and it is very much apart of my purely nutritious life.  I hope that it inspires your own morning practice.  


Devon Jenkins