Happy New Year

Happy New Year Y'all!  

I can not believe that 2018 is here - I still remember sitting on the coach in my parent's living room waiting to see if the world was going to come to an end for Y2K and now we are 18 years in! 

Time passes very quickly - every day the saying "the days are long and the years are short" becomes more and more real in my mind.

Anywho - its the new year and it is the 9th day into the new year.  That means that statistically speaking about 68.4% of those who set resolutions are still hacking away to keep them.  Check out this article for more stats on New Year's Resolutions - Statistic Brain New Years Resolutions.

I am among the few who LOVE new year's resolutions.  I so totally believe that taking time to sit still and look into the future does only good things for your mind and body.  So many of us are compelled to achieve through goal setting, and in my mind's eye that is exactly what new year's resolutions are.  

When you sit down and think about your past year; what worked, what did not, what did you accomplish, what do you want to accomplish next... these are big questions that get your mind working and dreaming and longing to see change.  I understand that many people set new year's resolutions and few follow through with them - but I find that the act of setting them has the biggest impact. 

Think about it - if you only live day by day and never dream about what the future holds, what is your life like?  If you are going to work day in and day out, and yet have nothing in mind that you are working towards, what is the point?  Life is all about setting goals and striving for them.  Each person's goals may be different, simply look at the fact that each person's life is different.  But we all need goals to strive towards.

You might be asking yourself why I am just now posting this blog... Don't I know that everyone sets new year's resolutions before the new year comes?  I do, but I also know that by the second or third week of January, a lot of people have simply walked away from their resolutions.  That is why I am telling you now... to pick them back up!

There is nothing in this life that is worth having that comes easily.  Life is hard and living a fulfilling life is even harder.  Sit back down and think about those goals you set for yourself on December 31st.  Where did those come from?  Where they health focused?  Where they financial focused?  Where the service focused?  Maybe they dealt with all three of these areas, or something not listed here.  Think through why you set that goal - do you want to breathe easier knowing that your debt is getting smaller, do you want more self confidence or fewer doctor visits, do you want to know that you are carrying out God's word in serving others?  The reason you set these goals is just as important as the goal.

Watch this - "I want to lose 20 pounds" or "I want to feel good in my jeans, I want to feel confident when I walk into a room, I want to wear that shirt I bought in a size smaller than I am now." 

Do you see the difference in those goals.  One is restrictive and definitive while the other is individualized, open ended, and is measured by more than just a number.  Setting goals like the latter will make all the difference in if you reach them.  Take time to think through your goals and dig a little deeper, I promise you will see more about yourself then you ever knew you could.  

 Now for your homework - pour a big glass of water, get a pen and note pad and take a seat.  Write down where you want to be in January 2019 and then really dig in.  Answer these questions - seriously answer them and write the answers down...

  1. What emotion is connected to this goal?
  2. Who will the goal effect along the way?
  3. Why is this goal important to me?

Now keep these goals and answers close by every day!  Write them on sticky notes and hang on your bathroom mirror or the dash of your car - even the inside cover of your planner.  Re-read these goals AND the answers to the questions above... this will keep you motivated.  It is so much easier to keep plugging on when the goals is bigger than "I want to lose 20 pounds".

Keep at it, day by day.  YOU'VE GOT THIS!


Devon Jenkins