Changing Your Thoughts to Change Your Actions

Okay so if you have been following me at all, you likely have seen me post something on social media about positive self-talk or how thinking happy thoughts can change everything!

I wholeheartedly believe this and I think you will too after reading this post.

Our thoughts determine our choices and our actions - just think about it… 

  • Your alarm goes off first thing in the morning and you instantly tell yourself that you are still tired, you hit snooze and roll over falling back asleep for another 30-45 minutes.  

  • Walking through the door of your office, you take a deep breath and remind yourself how tense the last day of work was - likely it will be that way again.  You walk in and could almost cut the tension with a knife, you squeak out a “good morning” and walk straight to your desk, already counting down the hours until the end of the day. You are now adding to that tension.

  • You are a new mom and for the past few weeks, the evening hours bring on crying and fussiness.  Around lunch time you begin to feel like you are on pins and needles as you dread the evening hours - telling yourself that you feel so helpless during those times.  You want to calm and comfort your sweet baby but do not know how to and likely are doing something wrong. This creates major anxiety in you and your spouse and amplifies the stress of this season.

Do you see how in these three very different instances, your thoughts impact your choices and actions.  Think about yesterday, how did your thoughts impact what you did?

I will be honest with y’all, I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager and know first hand that my thoughts impact my actions.  

As I am writing this for instance, I am feeling kind of low and useless but I am fighting these feeling with positive self talk and an intentional shift in my inner monologue because that is the only way to change how I handle these negative thoughts and feelings.

By telling myself that I am more than my thoughts, that I am loved, that I am full of potential and that I am amazing - I can change my mood.  I have also found that saying these things out loud into the mirror works wonders. It is like my own personal pep talk session to myself.

This blog is also another outlet that I use to really focus on my self talk. I tend to write about topics that are of full focus in my life so that while I am writing to you and praying that my words land in laps that find them helpful, I am writing to myself too! I often find that by the end of a post, I feel uplifted and know how to better handle the situations at hand.

How does this tie into nutrition and leading your own Purely Nutritious life?

Let me tell you…

When you tell yourself that you are “unhealthy”, “fat”, or even “ugly” - you feel unhealthy, fat, and ugly.  And you act accordingly. You hunch your shoulders instead of standing tall, you scowl instead of smile, you eat crap instead of nutritious foods.  

You ultimately make unhealthy choices because you are telling yourself that you are unhealthy.  

But if you change your inner thoughts to “I am healthy”, “I love my body”, “I am beautiful”; your actions will follow suit.

You do not say “I am healthy” while eating a Snickers and drinking a Mountain Dew.  You do not tell yourself that you “love your body” while sitting on the couch watching the 4th episode of Quantico in a row.  

Your thoughts change your outlook in life!  

Another example that I think you will recognize is the children’s book “The Little Engine That Could”.   In this story that little engine did not believe she could help because she was little - but she changed her thoughts to “i think I can” and SHE DID!  

The same is true with what we teach our children.  

Just last week, Brody wanted to learn how to tie his shoes.  I showed him a couple times and then he started trying and failing, trying and failing.  He threw his hands down at his sides and his head back, closing his eyes and saying “I can’t do this.”

I instantly went to him and gave him a hug and said what any parent would tell their child, “you just have to keep trying, you will be able to tie your shoes.” I coached him through a couple more rounds of trying and failing and each time he failed, I encouraged him to say “I can do this.”

And you know what, within 20 minutes he was tying his shoes all on his own.  And then, in true Brody fashion, tied them again and again for the next 2 hours.  He also told everyone we came into contact with that day, known and unknown alike, that he had learned to tie his shoes and asked if he could show them.

I challenge you to look at your inner monologue, your daily thoughts, and make adjustments where they need to be made.

Even this, changing your thoughts, will take practice and determination.  I have created a simple cheat sheet for you that will give you some guidance in creating positive thoughts where negative ones live right now.  And even a couple tips and tricks to building the habit of using these positive thoughts to change your actions. Click here to download the cheat sheet now!

When we are intentionally nice to ourselves, we can reach the moon.  It is when we think and tell ourselves limiting thoughts that we fall short. Even making a mistake or “failing” is a time for learning, re-strategizing, and moving forward!  Learning to use the mistake for learning takes time and perseverance, be patient with yourself and take it literally ONE DAY AT A TIME.

You’ve got this and you are awesome! Thank you for tagging along on this journey with me!

Bye For Now.

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