Is Sugar A Drug?

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You can see in this little model that there is a cycle to this sugar and dopamine response that leaves you wanting more sugar. 

If we only eat sugar every now and then, we can control this craving and replace the action of eating more sugar with something else that will stimulate a dopamine response; like going for a walk in the sun, listening to music, or yes… even having sex!

However, when the body sees a habit of sugar intake and dopamine release, that craving becomes stronger and the brain truly begins to believe that eating sugar is the only way to feel that dopamine high it is after.

Breaking this addiction is tough, but just like with alcoholism or drug addiction, it is possible with the right mindset and tools.

So, how do you get started breaking free from your sugar cravings?

First and foremost – break up with sugar.  Read that again! You must take the sugar out of your diet 100% to heal your brain’s dopamine response issues. 

I know that you are likely saying “yea right Devon, there is no way I am drinking black coffee or doing without my 3pm bite sized snickers” but I promise you it will be worth it.

Just as a sip of alcohol can spiral a 10-year sober individual into a full blown binge drinking session, allowing sugar to continue to be in your daily routine will make it MUCH harder for you to conquer your cravings once and for all!

The second step is to create a plan.  What are you going to do when that warm coffee is being poured into your mug or the clock hits 3pm?  You must create a plan to ensure that you will still gain a dopamine response, just without the sugar.

Maybe that looks like playing your favorite music while you drink your black coffee or going for a brisk walk around the building at 3pm.

Without a plan – you will fail.  So be sure to make one!

And the final step is to tell someone about this!  Going at anything alone is LONELY and you are much more likely to jump ship when things get hard.  And they will get hard. 

Having an accountability partner means that you will have a voice of reason during those cravings to hold you to the plan that you have created.  You may not love that person in the beginning, but they will be your bestie once you are on the other side of your sugar addiction.

If you want to know more about this and get all the scientific language… WATCH THIS VIDEO. It explains this really well and has fun pictures!  

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