Building Routines - a Pep Talk to Myself

I have been staring at a blinking cursor and a blank screen for hours, okay days, with 1000 words running through my mind yet nothing really seems worthy of writing down.

Last week, I started the #last90days challenge with Rachel Hollis, author of Girl Wash Your Face, I was ready to go and so excited about what I could accomplish in these last 90 days.  We even talked about it during my weekly LIVE and I gave you a run down of the reasons why creating healthy habits is so important and a couple quotes to pump you up about them. (Side note, grab this PDF with the resources and quotes I shared during that LIVE.)

I encouraged you to take a look at your current habits and routines and possibly begin to make some changes and begin leaning into your best self.

So, why am I having a hard time writing this blog post?  It’s because I have not kept up my own habits this week and, if I am being brutally honest, I feel like a failure.

However, I have the tools to kick myself in the a** and get back on track, and you get to take a peek at my process for that.  So, buckle up because I am about to share ME, my own journal entry that got me back into the mindset I need to be in, in order to live into my best self.

October 9th, 2018

Seriously though!  You just started this process and it took all of 3 days before you were falling short of simple goals like DRINK WATER and MOVE YOUR BODY.  These are not hard things to do and yet here we sit.... you, sitting here feeling pissed, grumpy, and like a failure because you couldn’t, or didn’t, keep up - and me, your inner monologue saying “GET OVER YOURSELF.”

You are the one making these choices, no one else.  You are the one who decides what you do with your body and what you put into your body… and what you allow to come out of it (verbally of course).

When you are allowing this world to drive your choices, you are stealing YOU from others.  If you are not your best self, you cannot be your best self to others. This looks like a short fuse with the kids, an even shorter fuse with Bruce, and all in all quickly turns a day into one that you simply handed over to the enemy to do with it what he wishes.


Remember that your thoughts become choices, choices become actions, actions become habits, habits become character, and your character is your destiny.  

When you think that you can’t, you can’t.  But what you think you can, you can!!!!

So get up and stop telling yourself that you can’t drink all of that water, that you can’t go for a walk because you have the kids with you - for goodness sakes just stick Abigail in the stroller, Brody on his bike and walk the driveway for a half hour.  These things are not rocket science! Stop telling yourself that you have something more important to do, because let’s be honest… you don’t.

You have to stop making excuses for not living into your best self because ultimately you are going to miss out on so many awesome experiences if you are tied down to your pity party.

You are amazing.  

You are worth the effort.

You are impacting the lives of those you touch daily - make sure you are lifting them up!

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Okay so that is my journal entry form this morning and I know that some of that was a little “tough love” but I am a bit hard headed.  

I want you to ultimately know and believe 2 things…

  1. FALLING off the wagon is not FAILING… it is learning and we cannot become better if we do not learn.   

  2. You are worth every single moment of the effort you put into yourself… You will be better for it and those around you will too.

If this speaks to you, if you needed a swift kick in the a** just like I did… leave a comment and let me know what spoke the loudest to you.  Or maybe you have a friend that you think could use this, please share it with them.

My BIG dream is to lead a life that inspires and motivates others to lead their best life and I hope I am doing that for you today!  

Bye For Now…

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