Letting go of the "Pinterest Worthy" Standard

Do you have a Pinterest account?  DUH, of course you do!  And you probably have 20+ boards that are full of pretty pictures of houses, recipes, clothes, and Christmas décor that you are dreaming of!  I won’t lie, I have all of this and even a board full of articles on how to simplify our life!  But honestly, that seems to just be a joke.

You see, we are all on idea over load.  We have the internet at our finger tips all day every day, and for most of us, any down time we have (even just the 45 seconds at the stop light) is filled with “scrolling”.  My go to scrolling addiction is Pinterest.  And with that comes new pins on boards that I created years ago that are already bursting with ideas of what a future life of mine could be or look like.

Here is the question of the century though – am I putting any of these ideas into action?  NO!  Are you?  Likely not.

So, what is the harm in gathering these ideas and then never doing anything with them?  Does it even matter that you have these groupings of ideas and inspiration but are not using them?

Think about it this way… when was the last time you created a to do list and then crumpled it up and tossed it?  Ummm… never!  I create a to do list to keep me organized, on track, and productive.  Don’t you?

Creating these boards of ideas is just like making a to do list.  So when we never go back to them or just keep adding to them (I mean seriously 526 pins on my recipes board is a bit extreme) it is like we are building a to do list that is far beyond our ability to check off!  And, rather we want to admit it or not, this is creating a form of stress and anxiety in our lives.

If you are like me, you often feel like you have 1000 things to do but only enough energy and time to complete 100 of those tasks.  I have been thinking that over this Christmas season, I would like to feel lighter and not as bogged down.  I have come up with a simple solution to this and I am curious to see if you will join me in this… wipe the slate clean.  That’s right get rid of the pins and ideas and boards and lists that are only bogging you down and not making your life easier.

For me, I am letting go of some of my boards on Pinterest – simply deleting them!  You may be thinking that doing that is not a big deal and that there is no way that it will keep me from stressing out over the fact that I can’t get my garland to look like that picture on my phone.  And maybe you are right, but I challenge you to do it to!  Did that make you step back a bit? 

Open your Pinterest board right now and simply delete ONE board!  Do it… right now, I will wait!

Can you breathe any easier now?  Do you feel lighter, like you have less to live up to? 

I hope you do – and I hope what I am trying to say here is coming across the right way.  We set standards for ourselves from magazine pictures and chef’s kitchens.  Let go of some of that and see if you can enjoy your life just a little bit more instead of being worried about if it is Pinterest worthy or not! Because in the big scheme of things, Pinterest worthy is not that important!


Devon JenkinsComment