Start An Accountability Practice That Will Change Your Goals

Accountability.  Geez how I wish that was a word that I loved; but if I am being honest, I would say that it is a word I hide from.  To be accountable to someone would mean that I must tell someone about all these crazy BIG ideas I have floating around in my mind about what my life, career, health, you name it could be like.  And it means that I realize that moving all those BIG ideas from thought to reality is in my control.  That is a little bit scary to me.

I few months ago, I signed up for an accountability partner through a group that I am a part of.  In doing so, I would be paired with a stranger who would then be willing to work with me over the next month on my goals and in turn, I with her.  I was so nervous about doing this and honestly almost chickened out more than once.  We worked together, talked weekly on a face-time, set weekly goals, shared resources, and asked the hard questions back and forth for the month.  And I am here to tell you that it was HARD.

Having someone know what your big picture goal is and then helping you break it into bite sized pieces and then following up to be sure you did them… it was like being a teenager again and mom was making sure my chores were done.  Yet it was also extremely inspiring.

Dreaming and planning and thinking are all well and good, yet they do not get you any closer to your goal.  In all actuality, they pull you farther away from it because you have now allowed even more time to pass without making things happen.

There are two forms of accountability, internal and external, and while they are two different beasts, I have a tool that can help you build an accountability practice to reach your goals.

You can download the PDF of my accountability worksheet HERE.

The first step with anything is determining why it is important to you.  What significance does reaching this goal have in your life?

Second is setting the goal.  Be sure to set a goal that is specific, realistic, and attainable in the time that you wish to accomplish it. 

Third is to break that big goal down into bite sized pieces.  Think through the steps it will take to reach your goal and then write them down.

Fourth, you want to set a schedule to those bite sized pieces.  This will ensure that you take the steps in the proper order and that you do not procrastinate, which will push your goal farther away. 

And lastly, you want to set a reward for yourself when you meet your goal.  Having a reward system for yourself will work wonders in keeping the momentum going when you begin working on your next goal. 

My accountability worksheet, which you can download HERE, walks you through each of these steps and gives you space to write in your actual goal, your why, the bite sized pieces you choose, your time table, and reward. 

This is a great little tool to print each week and fill out during your weekly planning session.  You can also keep it in your planner for fast access throughout the week.

Alright, that is it for today!  I hope this information inspires you to take accountability of your own goals and dreams, put them on paper, and accomplish them!!

Bye For Now!

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