Change Your Perspective

What would happen if you looked at your house from the outside in, rather than the inside out?

What would your day be like if you started it being THANKFUL that God woke you up this morning rather than grumbling that it is another Monday?

What could your life be like if you thought of the glass half full rather than half empty?

“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of  thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” - German Proverb

Have you ever driven through Illinois or Kansas?  I have and oh let me tell you it is a snooze fest… flat landscape, straight roads, and crops growing as far as the eye can see; but have you ever flown over them?  I have done that too and it is a whole new picture. You can see grid like pattern of the colors of nature and even the circular patterns that the irrigation systems make in the fields.  It really is amazing… and simply a change in perspective.

I am a mom and 2 littles and the wife of an amazing man… and my house shows this.  On any given day of the week there will be dishes in the sink, laundry to be done, and dirt tracked throughout the house from shoes on the feet of my loved ones.  There will be bills to pay, food to cook, and beds to be made. For many years, I have viewed these things as chores or tasks that HAVE to get done and even have been known to lose it over a pair of shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor or a tractor under foot while walking through the living room.  

The truth is we all have these types of tasks or “interruptions” in our daily lives.  Whether at work, home, church, school, ect. So we know that the question at hand is not “do we have them” but “how we handle them?”  How do you view the never ending pile of laundry or the stack of bills on the counter? What is the first thing that comes into your mind in the first moments of your day?  

You see, we have the power in our hands every moment of every day.  This is what I have come to realize in just the recent days.

Last week, I had a few rough days in which I allowed my anxiety of things that are out of my control get to me.  I was not nice to those around me, nor to myself. I began to doubt and question… Why is this my life right now? How did we get to this point when we should have been way over there by now?

I started a new Bible study last week with a group of ladies at my church (Jonah by Priscilla Shirer) and in the first video she spoke about interruptions in our lives and how we can change how we handle them by changing how we perceive them.  One of her examples was sitting down to supper and the phone rings… if it is a telemarketer you are aggravated but if it is the publishers clearing house and you’ve just won 1 million dollars the interruption is not an issue at all! It is all in how much importance we place on the interruption.  She goes on to explain that when situations arise in our lives that take us off OUR determined track, that we can change our perspective by thinking of the interruption as divine intervention.

I don’t about you but when I apply this concept to my life today, I am awestruck!  I absolutely love my life, but if I am being honest there are parts of it that have thrown me for a loop.  Yet when I take MY plan out of the equation and listen for what GOD’s plan is, it changes my perceived failures and shortcomings into lessons and turns in the story!

It is only 15 days until Christmas, and I know that you have a list of things that HAVE to get done before then.  You are likely feeling hurried, rushed, pulled in a million directions, and broke… I challenge you to change your perception.  Who are the people you are doing these things for? What does it mean to them for you to these things? What are you doing simply for the photo opportunity and what is truly worth your time and effort?  How are you serving God in these moments?

I have challenged myself as well, to change my perspective and thus change how I live out my day!  If we can open our eyes to God’s plan and God’s blessings in our lives, we will have a grateful heart!

Merry Christmas and Bye For Now!

Devon JenkinsComment