My "up next" list

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. 

Feed it faith.

Feed it truth.

Feed it with love.

Wow is that powerful, or what?  Think about that statement for just a second... What is the first thing you say to yourself in the morning?  Is it "Good morning beautiful" or "Ugh... You slept through your alarm again"?  

This morning mine was the latter - but I made sure to say "Good morning beautiful" to my daughter and "hey buddy" to my son!  But why not to myself? 

Over the last several months I have come into a place of constant learning and growing.  I can feel it in my soul and even in my bones - I tell my husband often that I am growing so much that I am having growing pains!  Remember laying in bed as a child and your legs aching - trying you stretch them and then tossing and turning all night?  That is totally how I am feeling!

Have you gone through a season of your life like this?  

Yesterday, I had to hit my knees and just ask the Lord to help me to move my feet toward the path that he is laying out for me... I am so overloaded with this knew knowledge and energy that I feel totally paralyzed.  Am I alone in this?  Tell me that you have experienced something like this!

If you haven't but are longing for God to lead you toward something bigger let me tell you what I have been doing.

Several months ago I found podcasts!  I know, I know I am so behind the times.  I literally did not have a clue what that little purple icon on my phone was for YEARS!  Yet now I cannot stop listening to them.  I am totally hooked.  I actually even have a "up next" note on my phone that I constantly am adding to - as guests that I enjoy come on to the podcasts I listen to, I add their podcast or book to my "up next" list.  

Doing this has really changed my overall mood and patience level with others in my life... mainly my children.  I have felt myself get frustrated and then all of a sudden I am using some type of calming mechanism that I learned about the day before on a podcast!  I am also feeling much more cultured and "up to speed" with the world around me.  I am not a TV watcher and I NEVER watch the news - so this is my way of knowing (sort of) what is going on in the world. 

Okay - so are you dying to know what my favorites are?  I am going to share my favorite podcasts, books, and music that I have been listening to or reading lately!  

Podcasts -

  • For the Love with Jen Hatmaker (MY FAVORITE - she is HILARIOUS)
  • That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs (she is a Nashville girl)
  • Simple Families with Denaye Barahona (she might be the calmest person I "know")
  • Mind your Business with James Wedmore (this is a podcast like no other and puts an amazing spin on entrepreneurship)

Books - 

  • For the Love by Jen Hatmaker
  • Present over Perfect by Shauna Neiquist 
  • The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell
  • The Effortless Day by Katie Lee

Music - 

  • Dave Barnes - Who Knew It Would Be So Hard To Be Myself
  • Casting Crowns - God Of All My Days
  • Kids Praise and Worship songs with my kiddos

Books on my "up next" list - 

  • 100 days to brave -  Annie F. Downs
  • Love Does - Bob Goff
  • Everybody, Always - Bob Goff
  • Kind is the New Classy - Candace Cameron-Bure
  • Sex, Jesus, and the conversation the church forgot - Mo Isom

And... if you have not done the Esther study by Beth Moore - get you but to Lifeway today and order that!  There has not been a Bible study more life changing that Esther has been for me!  I absolutely LOVED it!

In the spirit of Esther I will leave you with this...

"... perhaps you were CREATED for SUCH A TIME AS THIS." Esther 4:14

I hope you will find something from this list that you find as amazing as I do and begin growing your own "up next" list.  Even better - let me know what is on your reading/listening to list! 


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