Week Two of Whole30 #8

Hey ya'll!

I am not going to sugar coat this at all - this week has been HARD.  It has not been hard because of Whole30, although I will admit that there were a couple times that I could have easily given up!  It has been hard because change is hard.  You know the saying "nothing worth having comes easy".  Man o Man has that been true this week!

I can't really pin point why it has been hard, maybe because I was going through the trenches of Whole30 week two or maybe just leaning on my self and my own will power too much.  Either way, I am so over it!  I am ready to feel strength and courage and to just simply be brave!

If you have been following me on social media, you may have noticed that I am doing the 100 Days to Brave Summer challenge and have really loved this amazing devo by Annie F. Downs.  Days 12-14 have really spoken to me and opened my mind to trying something new over my third week of this self-initiated challenge to become a better version of me! 

Let me share some of these thoughts with you...

1. Speak Kindly to yourself.  Proverbs 18:21 tells us that "the tongue has the power of life and death" so why in the world would I not think that what I say to myself could not also have the power of life and death?  Obviously this is not literal life and death - but self acceptance does not come from constant self loathing or negative self talk.  In order to be better, I must feel better and think better of myself and thus SPEAK KINDLY TO MYSELF.

2. Like What You Like.  2 Timothy 1:7 tells us that we were not made to be timid but that the Spirit of God "gives us power, love, and self-discipline".  So it is in there... the self-discipline needed to be a better version of myself is inside of me already.  And inside of you!  I am learning that being still is a way of allowing that self-discipline to come closer to the surface.  Do you remember being in school and just having to have the newest style of tennis shoe or at the office and needing the newest iphone simply because "everyone else has it"?  Like what you like and see what happens... maybe you will become the next trend setter among your friends. 

3. God Made You On Purpose.  Wow!  If that message does not hit home, read it again!  GOD MADE YOU ON PURPOSE.  That is so powerful to me and helps me to breathe a bit easier knowing that God made me and has a purpose for me.  

Number 3 is my favorite and I think outlines what I am seeking over this 40 day journey!  I know God made me on purpose and I am thankful that he made me FOR a purpose as well.  I simply want to know more about what that purpose is and how I can carry it out.

This morning in both Sunday school and Worship service, we talked about distractions and how distractions can keep us from spending time with, hearing, and talking to God.  These distractions come in all shapes and sizes... laundry, project at work, television, social media, and dare I point out that even our children can sometimes be distractions.  

As I take a deep breathe today and gear up for my third week of Whole30 and my third week of my 40 day journey of self-improvement, I am asking God to give me Grace and help me to give myself Grace when things to go according to plan.  I am longing to be a better wife, mom, follower of Jesus - but it isn't going to be an over night transition!  And, while I realize that, I am asking for help to take it one day at a time. 

This journey I am on will not be over in 40 days, I know that.  However, I simply want to learn how to handle my distractions in a way that I am still able to fulfill the purpose I was created for.  

I am sharing this with you, my readers, because I feel confident that you know exactly what I am saying here and how it feels to want change but have no idea how to get it.  I am sharing this with you in hopes that one of you will read it and be inspired to start your own journey.  To ask God to help you find your purpose in this life.  Because, when we have our purpose and recognize the tools we need to use in order to fulfill it, we will be unstoppable in showing God's glory through us!  

Psalm 138:8 "...Do not forsake the work of your hands."  

We each have a purpose, lets put our feet to the pavement and get at it!  Remember that God created you on purpose, for a purpose!  AMEN!

I would love to know that you are out there, that these words are giving something to you!  Comment on this blog post or send an email to devon@apurelynutritiouslife.com.  I would love to talk to you about your own journey!



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