Week Four of Whole30 #8

Tomorrow would have marked the last day of my 8th Whole30 reset and the 30th day in my 40 day journey to a better me!  WOW, that kind of stings a bit.  If you have been keeping up with me you know that 2 weeks ago I traveled unexpectedly and due to the circumstances, allowed my Whole30 reset to take a back seat.  Upon returning home, I was in no place to start over at day 1 mainly because the fair was coming to town, I needed to clean out the fridge and grocery shop, all while playing catch up from being gone for 4 days.  Let’s just say that I know my limitations and the amount of patience that I would be asking for from my family!

Day 3-6 on Whole30 for me is usually “all hands-on deck, mom is losing it.”

However, as I look forward to starting my now 9th Whole30 on July 1st, I am very excited because I have really seen food freedom in my life during these 2 weeks off of Whole30.  You see, Whole30 is simply a tool to teach YOU about how different foods effect YOU!  It is a life changing experience, if you let it be, and I have allowed 7 Whole30s to go by with out much effect on my “normal eating habits”.  This time it was different, and I feel so strongly that the 9th round will be my open door to food freedom! 

Hallelujah and all the praise hands!

Last week I did something that I have always wanted to do and yet now that I have done it, almost wish I had not!  I underwent hydrostatic body composition testing – in laymen’s terms the “under water fat test.”  I learned about this type of testing in college and thought it would be so interesting to do this – you know, just to know what I was really made of.  Well, let me tell you that while the 20 something me thought it was a good idea… the 20 something me should have been the one in the tank and not the 30 something mom of two! 

If you want to know more about this type of testing or how to get tested yourself – CLICK HERE.

While the test was very simple and informative, it really hurt my feelings.  I will not be sharing what the readings were but lets just say that I CAN DO BETTER!  Which is another reason I am so excited to start another round of Whole30 on July 1st and I will be continuing the journey to a better me… because the real lesson that I have learned since I started this on May 27th is that there is not ending to the journey of making your self better.  You simply wake up each morning, God willing, and decide to be better today than you were yesterday. 

I have really loved these last 2 weeks.  One reason is because POPTOWN POPSICLES have a truck at the fair and I have enjoyed one each day thus far.  Yet the real reason is because I have learned that I can go through tough places and NOT turn to food, NOT linger in “wo is me” feelings, NOT feel totally like a failure because things did not go my way.

My failure is not defined by what went wrong, but by how I react to what went wrong.  I mean seriously, how often does life go absolutely right (in our eyes)?

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To all of you who are reading this, I ask that you hold me accountable to the mission I am setting out on – and I am asking you to come along for the ride!  Let’s be better tomorrow than we were today… for you that might look like counting to 10 before you react to your kids non-stop wining about riding the fair rides instead of watching the concert, maybe it is reading an uplifting book instead of binging on Scandal or Gray’s Anatomy, getting up 30 minutes early and enjoying a cup of coffee with Jesus to get your day started off right, or maybe even staying up past your own bed time to pick up the house so that while your family is awake you are spending quality time with them.  Whatever your better looks like, let’s do it together!  Are you in?

Bye For Now