Week One of Whole30 #8

Did you read that title and think to yourself... "why in the world have you done Whole30 8 times"? Well let me go ahead and tell you why... Because I am human.  That's right, the dietitian is not the most perfect eater!  I even will admit, embarrassingly so, that I am a closet eater... well pantry eater.  You see, I have a HORRIBLE habit of going into the pantry with the sole intention of getting as many cookies or marshmallows or whatever else crap food we have on hand into my mouth and swallowed before anyone sees me.  We have a walk in pantry so this is actually pretty easy to do... to my detriment.  

I own this part of me.  I absolutely hate this part, but I accept it and deal with it when it comes around.  Whole30 is the tool I use to deal with it.  You see I can go months without any episode of binge eating like this, and then one day I feel "all the things" coming down on me and somehow those Oreos just leap into my hand and then into my mouth before I ever know what is happening.  And God forbid that no one is home on that dreadful day - I won't go into details but I am sure you can conjure up for yourselves what that may end up looking like!  "Mom, where is the new pack of Chips Ahoy cookies?"  "Honey, didn't we buy some chocolate ice cream a couple days ago?"

 I have done this my whole life - yet it wasn't until after my 6th Whole30 that I realized it.  I never really saw it happening, nor did I realize what was happening emotionally back then.  It wasn't until I really began to soak in the benefits of Whole30 and allow my emotional relationship with food to come into the light that I saw this for what it was - BINGE EATING.  This is an eating disorder and while I am not diagnosed with this, nor and I saying that I should be, I recognize these behaviors and am working to find better ways to manage the triggers for them.  

That is my big long answer to the question WHY ARE YOU ON YOUR EIGHTH ROUND OF WHOLE30!

Week One

This week has been harder than I thought it would be... I really felt prepared yet apparently was not.  Summer time introduces a whole new host of obligations and time constraints that I had not planned for!  While I was able to follow Whole30 and stay compliant, I found myself wanting to not eat rather than go through the effort to cook!  This usually sets in for me in week 3... not 1! But I pushed through and even whipped up a quick meal right before my niece's birthday party so that I would not be tempted to eat!

I have made it to my mat each day and completed my devotional - however I will tell you that I have had some challenges there for sure.  

Day one went GREAT - I woke up early, did my yoga and devo, meditated and even went for an afternoon walk!  

Day two on the other hand - I SLEPT THROUGH MY PRIVATE YOGA SESSION!  I mean literally slept through it and when my friend and yoga instructor messaged me to say she was not waiting any longer for me to get there - I was totally ashamed and shocked that I had allowed this to happen.

I am about to get a little deep here, so sit tight!  

You see, I knew that something like this would happen!  I knew this because I know that I am doing all of this due to God calling me to become a better version of me.  He has big plans for me, but first I must figure out my own weaknesses and find my own ways of dealing with them.  I first have to become a better and healthier version of me before I can do what He is calling me to do.  Because of this, I knew there would be BIG road blocks and BIG obstacles put in my path during this journey.  And the enemy wasted no time!  DAY TWO for crying out loud!

Days 3 and 4 were torturous and I think my family might have been better off if I had just stayed under the covers all day/night!  At one point my husband said, "you should just go on to bed and let me handle the kids."  I was in all out KILL ALL THINGS mode - take a look at this Whole30 visual timeline to see what I am talking about.  

All in all my first week was trying but oh how lovely it is to come out on the other side of it unscathed. 

Moving into week #2 I am prepared with my menu and will do most of my cooking tomorrow.  When it comes to my morning and evening routines I am making some adjustments...

In the mornings, I will focus mainly on my time in prayer, meditation, light yoga, and devotional with less focus on journal writing.  In the evenings I will focus on some light yoga and stretching with reflection and journal writing.  Since my time in the mornings is so limited, I want the main focus to be God and was seeing that writing in my journal was taking up quite a bit of my time.

Another thing - the limited coffee intake is going to be the death of me!  I have questioned my "no coffee after 10 AM" everyday and though I have honored it... I am struggling to function without it.  Which is exactly why I knew I needed to limit it!

I am excited to see what this next week brings and I pray that your coming week is full of peach and yet excitement!  I would love to hear from you - let me know what is going on in your world, what pieces of you Whole30 has brought to light, or even your favorite Whole30 recipe!  I would simply love to just know you are out there!  

Bye For Now!