I will not be weighing you today!

“I will not be weighing you today.” I say to my client as we walk into my office and sit down.  She looks at me a little puzzled.  This is often the first statement I make when working with a new client and each one usually gives me this awkward look as if I have just said something extremely confusing.

I then go on to ask about her reason for meeting with me, her health goals and her why.  I could almost write a script for what I will hear back when I ask these things.  Most people will say…

“well, I just want to be healthier.”

“I need someone to tell me what to eat and when.”

“I want there to be less of me.”

Would these be your responses?  I can almost bet that they would be.  You see we often view “healthy” as eating less food, weighing fewer pounds, following some absurd menu that keeps our portions and food choices “under control”.  But this is not health.

Health, by definition is the state of being free from illness or injury.  Sure, there are several ways to interpret this and even more ways to obtain a certain level of health.  However, I have a theory that if we place ALL of our focus on positive changes, increased self-awareness, increasing self-confidence, and general health education; we will see a HUGE health impact that will lead to a healthier and happier life. 

How does the scale help is in this endeavor?  IT DOES NOT.

How many times have you put in all the effort only to have your motivation stolen by the scale?  What do I mean by “stolen by the scale”? 

See if this sounds familiar…

You are waking up an hour earlier to get in a work out.  You are drinking a ton of water – meeting the recommendation of drinking half your body weight in ounces daily.  You are walking away from the diet soda and the chocolate chip cookies.  You are meal planning and prepping on Sundays.  You have been taking a veggie and protein packed lunch to work every day and eating outside to get some fresh air. 

Your skin is clearing up, those dark circles are no longer the first thing you see when you look in the mirror.  Your favorite pair of jeans are fitting different – you keep having to pull them up.  Everyone is asking if you have lost weight and telling you that you look so happy.  You actually feel really good.

And then you get on the scale… and it has not moved enough for your liking.  Everything that you have been doing feels pointless, like you have been doing all of this in vein.  So, you stop.  You start eating out for lunch every day, you allow those pre-made meals to go bad because you are craving pizza and wings instead.  You begin to hit the snooze button and eventually will stop setting your alarm altogether.  Diet sodas find their way back into your life and you again are looking for that cardigan because when you wear it you are not as self-conscience of your waistline.

What happened you wonder?  You were doing so good.  Do you just not have the will power to keep up those healthy habits?

I will tell you what happened – you got on that scale and allowed it to be the judge of your success!  You allowed that 3-digit number decide if your efforts were worthwhile.  You allowed the scale to steal your motivation, your enthusiasm, your enjoyment of making changes and seeing results.

If you want to be healthier tomorrow than you are today – you have to DO something.  Not simply weigh yourself.

The definition of health is not found in the number on a scale, nor is it found in self-deprivation and self-loathing, both of which are common factors in the lives of those who weight them selves often.

Health is found in the simple habits built around the things that make you feel good about yourself and that is what I work with my clients to build.  That is why I will not be weighing you today… and I would encourage you to avoid the scale as well.

Put your efforts into things that make you feel good about yourself… your health will improve and your weight will follow!

Want to know more about what building healthy habits instead of focusing on weight loss could mean for you? What could your life be like if you actually had self-confidence exuding out of you? Click HERE to set up a FREE consultation with me… the dietitian who doesn’t believe in weighing her clients!

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