What is Whole30 - Part Two

Going through a round of Whole30 looks different for different people but there are 3 things that will be the same no matter who you are; planning meals, cooking meals, and eating meals.

If you are curious about what Whole30 is, check out my blog post from last week in which I explain WHAT Whole30 is all about.

Whole30 really makes you put food n the forefront of your mind; and against common opinion, that is really where I think it should be.  Let me explain, you see your body is only as healthy as you allow it to be. If feeding and moving your body are not apart of your daily thought process then likely you are lacking in health.  We put effort into what is important and what is more important than your health?

I will walk you through my  typical week of doing Whole30 and tell you all about what it looks like.  

Before we get to the typical week though, let’s talk about prepping my kitchen to get ready for a round of Whole30.  There are some simple staples that I like to always have on hand when doing a Whole30. These items allow me to whip up a quick meal even if I didn’t have one planned, or grab a snack if it is needed.  That’s right, you can snack on Whole30!

My Whole30 Staples:

  • Full Fat Coconut Milk - Canned

  • Raw Cashews

  • Lara Bars - Cashew cookie is my fav

  • RX Bars - Maple sea salt and Chocolate sea salt are my favs

  • Apples

  • Almond Butter

  • Spinach

  • Eggs

  • Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes

  • Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausages

  • The New Primal’s Classic Marinade

  • Tessemae’s Avocado ranch dressing

  • Ghee - my favorite is 4th and Heart

These items are things that have come to be a staple in my typical eating habits but are also crucial for my Whole30 success.  

Now onto a typical week…

The weekend is a great place to start for prepping.  During this time I like to plan my menu, build my grocery list and then shop.  I am IN LOVE with online grocery shopping and take advantage of that any time I am able to.  This may be after church on Sunday or, if I already have some food for breakfast and lunch on Monday, after I pick the kids up from school on Monday.  

Meal planning is the fun part to me - I love to try new recipes but also have a Family Cookbook full of recipes that we all love.  Not everything in that cookbook is Whole30 compliant but I have a section dedicated specifically to Whole30. So I simply flip through that and pull recipes we all love and will work for our time schedule that week and I usually add at least one new recipe for us to try as well.

My main focus for the week is supper.  No one eats at home for lunch and breakfast is usually a quick grab and go.  

Bruce eats away from home most breakfasts and the kids will eat a variety of things depending on time allowed in the morning.  They will eat Lara Bars, scrambled eggs and toast, or cereal most morning. Although I just picked up the ingredients to make them these Strawberry Energy Bites that look pretty yummy - I hope they think so!

I keep my breakfast very simple.  I usually make up a big vegetable based egg casserole and simply reheat it throughout the week - this is my favorite one!

Back to the prep though...

After the groceries are in the house and put away, I take a look at my menu and see what we are going to be eating over the next couple days and somewhat plan out when I will cook what.  If we will be out late on Tuesday, then Tuesday is a crock pot day and I will be sure my meat is in the fridge to thaw on Monday. If I am roasting green beans on Monday and we need some sweet potatoes cooked for Wednesday, then I heat the oven once and cook in it twice.  

I also try to brown all of my ground meats on that first night of cooking and then portion in out into containers to keep in the fridge.  It really doesn’t take much more time to brown 3 pounds of ground beef as it does to brown 1 pound.

I also do not usually cook every day.  The typical week for us looks like Monday and Tuesday fresh suppers cooked, Wednesday is leftovers, Thursday is a fresh cooked meal, and Friday is a leftover night as well. The weekends I leave open, we often eat at a friends house or have people over to our house and thus I dive into my stash of staples for a quick meal for myself while the family enjoys pizza or whatever else they decide on.  

This may sound very restrictive to you, however I will say that it does not feel that way to me.  I often find myself very satisfied with my meal and as long as I don’t sit staring at the pizza, I am good without it.  Moving onto games or good conversation really helps to keep your mind moving forward versus staying stagnant on food.

I will be honest with you, you will wash a lot of dishes and you will be using your pots, pans, and storage containers like a boss during Whole30.  But what in the world do you have them for if you are not going to use them, right?

Ultimately, doing a round of Whole30 looks like planning menus (really just 4 weeks worth), grocery shopping regularly, cooking regularly, eating the fruits of your labor, and washing a lot of dishes.

It may seem daunting to think about doing a round, but if I can make this work in my life then I know you can too!  

Stick around for next week’s post that will dive into when you should do a Whole30.  Remember from last week’s post that Whole30 is not a diet and should not be treated as such.  That means that Whole30 is NOT what you should be turning to if you are only wanting to lose weight - It is so much more powerful than just weight loss.  It can be the first step in your Purely Nutritious Life!

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