What Is Whole30 - Part One

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What is Whole30?

Have you seen all the Instagram posts and stories about Whole30? Maybe you know someone who has done a round or maybe are thinking about it yourself!

Whole30 is a one of a kind program designed by Melisssa Hartwig Urban and Dallas Hartwig, as a food reset. Whole30 is not a diet and was not designed to ever be used as one.  This program was created to guide people through a food experiment that results in that person understanding how food affects their body and mind!

Because no two people are exactly the same, each person’s experience and results will be different! This is what sets Whole30 apart!

Your typical diet focuses on weight loss and what needs to happen in order for weight loss to be achieved.

Whole30 focuses on building a relationship with food that leads to a healthier lifestyle. The typical weight loss, measuring portions, and counting calories are not part of the program!!

During Whole30, you strip your food choices down to unprocessed, Whole Foods for 30 days. During this time you are eating moderate amounts of animal protein at each meal, lots of fibrous vegetables, a dose of healthy fats, and some fruit too.

The truth is that food affects us on a far deeper level than we often realize! The foods promoted during Whole30 (meat, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats) are scientifically found to promote a healthy psychological and hormonal response, support a healthy gut and immune function, and minimize inflammation! These are the “good food standards” outlined in the book that started it all - It Starts with Food written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.

You see, food has changed from that which grows in nature to what is now produced in factories. Food companies have capitalized on how food affects our bodies and our brains - “once you pop you just can’t stop!”

This program takes you back to the roots of eating and focuses on this for 30 days with the sole purpose of reintroduction!

Reintroduction is the period after clean eating for 30 days, in which you will reintroduce the foods that have been avoided to determine how they make you feel - psychologically and physically!

It is during this reintroduction time that you learn how your body ticks!!

The ultimate goal is for you to finally get to decide if a specific food is bringing you closer to a healthier life or pushing you farther away!!

Want to know more about Whole30? I will be sharing what doing a round Whole30 looks like, when a Whole30 round would be the most beneficial and so much more over the next few weeks via this blog! So, if you haven’t already be sure to join my mailing list to stay on top of it all!

You can also head over to the official Whole30 website to learn more!

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