How To Create a Capsule Kitchen - The Fridge

Holy Cow! We are in the home stretch of the #PNLCAPSULEKITCHEN challenge and this has been so amazing. I have loved knowing that this concept is transforming your kitchen and the way you think, shop, and prepare foods for you self and your family! Be sure that as you continue on the process of creating your own capsule kitchen, you are sharing on Instagram and using the hashtag #PNLCAPSULEKITCHEN so that I can see all that you are doing.

Week Four - The Fridge

The fridge is my favorite place to “capsulize” in the kitchen! I absolutely love a well stocked fridge full of bright colored fruits and vegetables and loads of nutritious sauces and marinades that I have whipped up or purchased from my fav company!

Okay before we dive in let me just say that if you are totally confused by this capsule kitchen concept - pop over to this post all about curating a capsule kitchen and then get started with week one of this challenge!

Alright - let’s dive into this weeks focus area… the fridge!

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The First Steps

Alright, by now you should know the drill. We are going to empty the fridge out COMPLETELY and wash it all out. Even your drawers - pull those bad boys out and clean them and and floor beneath them. If your fridge is anything like mine, this is when I find little spills that I wasn’t aware of and can take a moment to wipe them up!

I usually do a quick clean out and wipe down once a month when I am restocking my fridge for the month! I absolutely love a clean fridge and will always take a second to whip it into shape when I need to! It really doesn’t take that long to do when you keep on top of it!

Step Two

Now it is time to take stock of what you pulled out of the fridge and what you need to have on hand. Here is what I keep stocked in mine…

  • Drinks; Unsweetened coconut milk, sparkling water, 100% juice (1 bottle will last us several weeks), 1/2 gallon of dairy milk.

  • Fruits; I designate a single drawer to fruits and keep the humidity level set to LOW.

  • Vegetables; these have their own drawer as well and often that spills over to a shelf too! We eat a lot of veggies and I always have a wide variety on hand. Veggies like humidity so in the drawer, be sure to keep it set to HIGH.

  • Condiments; Here is where I can go a bit crazy! I have a stock of Tessemea’s dressings/marinades, The New Primal sauces, and always have some coconut aminos and vinegars in the fridge too!

  • I designate a shelf or two to prepped/leftover foods.

  • And I have a drawer full of the kids items for easy access and organization!

Just like last week, this is an individual process. Figure out how you want to utilize your fridge and create list of foods that you want to always have on hand. You may not be a sauce person but a salad dressing is a must for you - you may not have kids so a snack drawer is not necessary - or you may love cheese and a drawer designated to different cheese varieties is essential for you! This is your kitchen and your fridge, so stock it however it makes sense to you!

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Step Three

Organization! Just like in the freezer, I like to use clear bins and glass containers for storage. I often will label glass jars with a sharpie and stack then so that you can see what is inside when you open the fridge. The sharpie comes off with a wipe of a dish cloth while washing.

I love using glass containers for storing prepped and leftover foods for lots of reasons, but the number one is to avoid plastic. Here is an article that will tell you all about why glass is better than plastic for storing foods in.

Step Four

And now to ensure we keep our organized fridge stocked just the way we like it! I have a great PDF that you can use to create your own “keep in stock” list! I like to keep mine on my fridge and just add to it as needed.

Another great thing about writing on the glass storage containers - when they are empty you still have a visual reminder of what was in them so that you can add it to you restock list.

And there you have it - a capsule kitchen fridge!

The End

Wow! Take a step back and give yourself a pat on the back! You just finished your very own capsule kitchen and have the tools in place to keep it going and allowing it to inspire you to create lovely nourishing meals for yourself and your family!

Thank you for taking this journey with me and for allowing me to be apart of these steps towards leading your own Purely Nutritious Life.

As always - reach out with questions or thoughts you have around this capsule kitchen challenge and remember when sharing on Instagram use #PNLCAPSULEKITCHEN so that I can tag a long with you!

Bye For Now!

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