I Prayed For You Last Night

Monday started out as a normal Monday! My alarm went off around 5:30am and I headed to the kitchen to start my coffee before waking my honey and the kids for school. Nothing out of the ordinary!

Around 7:45 I had already dropped the kids at school and made my way to a favorite yoga studio in town for a class that started at 8:30.  Being that I had some spare time, I settled in with my Bible and did my devotional for the day! Around 8:15 I headed into the studio and had an amazing class full of strength and purpose.  The instructor and I chatted for a few minutes before we started out the back door to go about our days... and then my entire day changed.

I came out to my car window shattered, glass everywhere, and my purse missing! There was a strange feeling in my stomach - i was mad, scared, appalled, and just sad for the fact that someone felt so compelled to hurt another person in this way! 

Of course the rest of my day was shot... we waited for the police to get there, talked to insurance, and set up for my window to be fixed.  My husband met me and we walked a several block radius hoping that the thief had ditched my purse, my wallet, anything in a trash can or i an alley way.  No luck!

I went home and wallered in self pity for a couple hours - eating Oreos and watching Quantico.  It was so surreal that someone had done this - and so amazing that it wasn't any worse.  I started to realize that I could have had my children with me or I could have walked out on the thief and been hurt or worse... all in all it wasn't too big of a deal.  Everything taken can be replaced and no one was hurt... Thank you God for that.

I drove my husband's truck to pick up the kids from school - let me tell you that i am not the best at parking a big truck but I made it!  Our oldest noticed right away that we were not in my SUV and asked where it was.  To keep from putting any worry in his mind I simply replied that it was at the shop getting worked on and we would have it back the next day.  I couldn't bear to put ugly thoughts into his world when i could protect him a little bit longer from the ugliness that this world can hold! 

The rest of the day went pretty normal and we were able to have a yummy supper and cuddle time on the couch as a family before putting the kids to bed.  But once the house was quite again, I started thinking about the theft again.  I kissed my husband and told him i was going to take a bath and have a glass of wine! 

I enjoyed some quite time and prayed to God about what the day had held... and then I realized that I had started praying for the thief... i actually felt sorry for them! 


So, if by any chance you are reading this or ever do, I want you to know how I feel about this whole experience! 

I'm sorry! I'm sorry that your life has led you to a place that you feel that stealing is your only choice.  I'm sorry that you have to carry the burden of your choices with you daily - i know they must be heavy.  I am sorry that you cannot take a deep breath and release your anger and frustrations like I have learned to do! I asked God to help you lastnight.  I prayed that He would put someone in your life to teach you right from wrong, to make you want to be a better person. I prayed that you would know that your choices and actions taken thus far can be forgiven and washed clean from your conscience!  I prayed that maybe you noticed my Bible sitting on my front seat as you reached in for my purse and maybe that mental picture will haunt you, making you think about who I might be and what I might believe.  Maybe you will feel compelled to find a Bible yourself and open it up - finding love, compassion, and forgiveness inside! As much as what you did hurt me and caused me to second guess my safety, i will not let what you did change me! I will  always believe there is good in this world and i will continue to lift you up in prayer, asking God to forgive you and to fill your days with love and blessings.  I know that you will likely never face worldly justice for this choice, but I do hope that you will learn from and grow bigger than it. Your life can be better, it can be fulfilling and you are worth that!! 

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