Moving with Intention

Do you exercise every day? Do you think you should exercise every day?  

Before my kiddos were born, I exercised each and every day without fail!  I loved it! It made me feel strong and confident, it gave me a boost of self esteem and obviously helped my clothes fit better! I even trained and ran a half marathon the fall before we got pregnant with our oldest, Brody.  Although, that is something that I did not enjoy and swore to never do again - let’s just say it was torture!

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Week Four of Whole30 #8

Tomorrow would have marked the last day of my 8th Whole30 reset and the 30th day in my 40 day journey to a better me!  WOW, that kind of stings a bit.  If you have been keeping up with me you know that 2 weeks ago I traveled unexpectedly and due to the circumstances, allowed my Whole30 reset to take a back seat.  Upon returning home, I was in no place to start over at day 1 mainly because the fair was coming to town, I needed to clean out the fridge and grocery shop, all while playing catch up from being gone for 4 days.  Let’s just say that I know my limitations and the amount of patience that I would be asking for from my family!

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Week Three of Whole30 #8

Have you noticed that I am a few days late writing this?  That is because my world was rocked a little bit last week and because of that - my Whole30 had to be set down for a couple of days.  I have not really wanted to admit that this happened, I am supposed to be the one to stay true to the course no matter what.  But it did, and now I have to accept the changed course and make adjustments as appropriate.  

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Week Two of Whole30 #8

I am not going to sugar coat this at all - this week has been HARD.  It has not been hard because of Whole30, although I will admit that there were a couple times that I could have easily given up!  It has been hard because change is hard.  You know the saying "nothing worth having comes easy".  Man o Man has that been true this week!

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Week One of Whole30 #8

Did you read that title and think to yourself... "why in the world have you done Whole30 8 times"? Well let me go ahead and tell you why... Because I am human.  That's right, the dietitian is not the most perfect eater!  I even will admit, embarrassingly so, that I am a closet eater... well pantry eater.  You see, I have a HORRIBLE habit of going into the pantry with the sole intention of getting as many cookies or marshmallows or whatever else crap food we have on hand into my mouth and swallowed before anyone sees me.  We have a walk in pantry so this is actually pretty easy to do... to my detriment.  

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